• Image of Intermediate Cord - Candlestick to No.25 or No.1 Bellset

Brown Braided/Plaited Line Cord - Brown

Very high quality replacement cord, used by some of the country's top restorers.

This cord is terminated specifically to fit a BT20/4 block terminal. At the other end of the cord the terminations have cotton ties and loops at 80mm from the bindings.

Description: Intermediate Cord
Colour: Brown
Length: Approx 50"
Construction: 4-way plait (3 conductors/1 strain relief)
Core: Tinsel
Insulation: Polymer
Braid: Pure Cotton
Terminations: Ring - One end for Candlestick - One end for No.25 or No.1 Bellset
Fixing: Cotton Tie

Why are these so good?

Flexibility: The flexibility of original cords was achieved using a tinsel wire and a cotton insulator. These cords also use a tinsel core with a very soft and flexible polymer coating which ensures a high level of electrical insulation exceeding that of the original cords. This is not an 'off the shelf' wire and is manufactured specifically and exclusively for me.

Size: The cores are manufactured to tight tolerances to accurately reproduce the diameter of an original cord. All cores have strain relief fibres running through them to give a high tensile strength.

Finish: The cores are braided with custom dyed pure Egyptian cotton supplied by a top UK manufacturer. The finish is matt and soft to the touch.

Anchor: Importantly, these cords use the same securing methods as the original cords.

Termination: The ring terminals are chosen to match the size of machine screw used. Hence, they are covered by the screw head so as to retain the original appearance. If you would prefer a different termination, please contact me to discuss other options available.


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