Art Deco GPO Dial Bakelite 332 Telephone - Green Cords - Immaculate Restoration

£155.00 Coming Soon

If you are shopping around for a vintage telephone to buy please make sure you are comparing like with like:

Our full, top quality restoration includes:

- Brand new best quality cotton braided line and handset cords
- High quality correctly fitting replacement transmitter unit
- Fully serviced dial set to time with professional test equipment
- Quality replacement furniture - dial label stamped out with professional die stamp
- Mechanically polished case
- Quality replacement feet 

This is a lovely example of a classic British Bakelite 332 Telephone. This telephone is in first class working order and the case has a nice sheen. It also has a fully serviced alphanumeric No.12 dial. All cords have been replaced with my own, UK manufactured, pure Egyptian cotton braided cords correctly terminated with cotton ties.