Combined Set: 232 + Bellset

£245.00 Coming Soon

If you are shopping around for a vintage telephone to buy please make sure you are comparing like with like:

Our full, top quality restoration includes:
- Brand new best quality cotton braided line and handset cords
- High quality correctly fitting replacement transmitter unit
- Fully serviced dial set to time with professional test equipment
- Quality replacement furniture - dial label stamped out with professional die stamp
- Mechanically polished case
- Quality replacement feet

This is a lovely example of a classic British Bakelite 232 with a no.26 bellset. This is correctly named a 'Combined Set' and not a 'King Pyramid' - a term never used by the GPO. This telephone is in first class working order and the case has a nice sheen. It also has a fully serviced numeric No.10 dial with a beautiful enamel dial plate. All cords have been replaced with my own, UK manufactured, pure Egyptian cotton braided cords correctly terminated with cotton ties.

This is the best example of this model of telephone I have restored in many years.