Super Rare GPO Art Deco Bakelite 162 Dial Telephone + No.25 Bellset

£345.00 Coming Soon

This is a superb example of a rare British GPO Bakelite 162 Combined set with No.25 Bellset. It is a rare survivor from the mid 1930s and not to be confused with the later 232. The handset and dial are stamped 1935 and the base 1936. This telephone is in first class working order with a nice sheen and free from damage. It also has a fully serviced and polished No.10 dial.

Because this is a 'collector quality' telephone I have not replaced the transmitter unit, but will do so upon request.

The telephone handset and line cord are my own, UK manufactured, pure Egyptian cotton braided cords correctly terminated with cotton ties. The bellset has a round section over braided cord.

The telephone comes complete with my own (very good!) reproduction paper furniture. On the centre dial I will enter a number of your choice.