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Vintage Telephony

Siemens 312 Table Telephone - Super Rare and VOIP Ready

£435.00 Coming soon

This VOIP ready Siemens 312 telephone is fitted with our inDAT Pulse to Tone converter to give you tone dialling and, if you require, 'Star', 'Hash', 'Last Number Redial' and up to seven stored numbers. These options are switchable so the telephone can quickly be customised to your needs.

A super rare example, the much sought after 312 table telephone is Siemens version of the GPO 232 combined set. Unlike the GPO version, it has an integral bell set and a case with a more sharply defined profile. It is a real statement piece with a footprint of approximately 8" x 6". This example has its original No.10 enamel numeric dial'

These model, in any condition, are very hard to find, but this is a dark black case with an excellent shine and no hairline cracks to the sides. The capacitor is stamped S-35 indicating a manufacturing date of 1935.

The telephone has been fully restored and is in perfect working order. It is as nice internally as externally, is VIOP ready and had a braided line cord fitted with a standard 431a (BT style) plug.

The telephone comes complete with our own high quality Siemens reproduction paper furniture. The dial label can be customised with an area and telephone number of your choice.

Our full restoration includes:

- Our own braided line and handset cords
- High quality replacement transmitter unit
- Fully dial service and setup
- Quality replacement furniture
- Quality replacement rubber feet
- Mechanically polished case
- Quality replacement white Siemens feet

• Handsets and cases are stripped of their components and thoroughly cleaned.

• Cases are polished, both mechanically and by hand. It has taken us many years to perfect this technique and it will return the case to the best possible condition.

• All contacts are cleaned, set and polished.

• Dials are stripped, cleaned, inspected, lubricated and rebuilt. This includes the removal and cleaning of the governor, governor cup and main bearing. The contacts are set and the dial speed and BK ratio set. This is an essential part of making a telephone work properly.

• Bell coils are set and any necessary adjustment made so their resistance is suitable for modern networks.

• A new braided line cord is fitted and the telephone is reassembled with the appropriate wiring alterations .

• Mouthpiece are fitted with a modern electronic transmitter to provide high quality speech.

• Finally, telephones are fully tested to ensure they are working correctly and a custom dial label is fitted.